I photographed FGUK Magazine's cover star, Zain Shah. 

This was part of a collection of the magazine's last 5 years of print and a magazine special looking at the spectrum of blackness, queerness, gender, redefining beauty standards and telling human-stories.

Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Maddix / @marvinmaddix 

Creative Direction & Styling: Darkwah Kwei-Darkwah / @hausofdarkwah 

Cover Star: Zain Shah / @zaddyza1n

Cover for FGUK Magazine featuring Zain Shah
fashion photographer london
london fashion photographer
Zain Shah pictured in long red shirt for FGUK magazine
Close-up portrait of Zain Shah
shot of Zain Shah in two tone black and white outfit
Zain Shah captured in a profile shot
Shot of Zain Shah in dress outfit captured in front of hanging flowers
london fashion photographer shoot
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