By The Sea, an editorial for Flanelle Magazine

Styling: Freya Monro Morrison 

Make-up: Bryanna Angel 

Models: Scarlett Landy @ PRM  and Ruoyi @ D1 

Styling Assistant: Meg Horsnell

Scarlett Landy pictured wearing ISSEY MIYAKE dress and GRENSON shoes
shot of Scarlett Landy on the promenade in Hastings in a ISSEY MIYAKE dress and PAULA ROWAN gloves
Scarlett Landy pictured by the sea in Hastings in a ISSEY MIYAKE dress
Photo of Scarlett Landy and Ruoyi on Hastings sea wall wearing LORETTA CAPONE dresses
fashion editorial photographer london
picture of back of Scarlett Landy wearing LORETTA CAPONE dress
fashion photographer in london
Scarlett Landy and Ruoyi on Hastings pebble beach wearing KNITSS, ST AGN, CARCEL and CLOE CASSANDRO clothing
Ruoyi pictured on Hastings seafront wearing CARCEL top and trousers
medium close-up of Ruoyi and Scarlett Landy with Ruoyi wearing CLOE CASSANDRO scarf
Ruoyi pictured in Camber Sands wearing HILDER YEOMAN, JOANNA LAURA CONSTANTINE earrings and NEOUS shoes
Ruoyi wears dress by HILDER YEOMAN and gloves by PAULA ROWAN
Scarlett Landy medium close-up wearing a LOUISA BALLOU top
Freelance photographer london fashion photography
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