Misfits Brand Shoot

I don’t usually shoot anything still life or product related, but I was really pleased to be asked to help create the latest assets for Misfits, a brand who produce a great range of vegan plant-based protein bars.

The opportunity to finally work with Millie from Set Sisters - who I had connected with last year via the platform The Dots - was also too good to resist. 

Rich Saint-Ford, the creative director had come up with a concept for the shoot that revolved around an American high school theme, for which Set Sisters did what they do best - namely coming up with great settings in which to capture products as well as people. This included some old gym flooring sourced on ebay, along with an old school locker and velvet curtains.  

I feel fortunate to have worked with such a great team. The shoot went so well in fact, that we finished significantly earlier than intended, and Rich had made his image selections before we even left the studio. Efficiency indeed.

You can see final images from the shoot here.

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